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Marlene Lovell – The Active Effect’s Director
Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Accredited Exercise Scientist
Credentialed Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Marlene graduated from the University of Tasmania and is Accredited with Exercise and Sports Science Australia – the only Accrediting authority for Exercise Physiologists in Australia. She is also a Credentialled Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and is eligible for international certification.

Along with years of experience as an Exercise Physiologist in a private practice that includes clients ranging from children to the elderly and with a wide range of health and personal reasons for seeking her help, Marlene also has over 20 years of experience in working in the community aged and disability care sectors, both as a Support Worker and as a Director of Care. Marlene is passionate about supporting the elderly to achieve healthy ageing and people of all ages to be their best possible selves.

The Active Effect
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The Active Effect
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The Active Effect
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Let Us Help

You know that you should be exercising, but you don’t know where to start.

You don’t need to do it alone. Contact us and we will help you succeed and have fun doing it.

why choose us?

  • What is an
    Exercise Physiologist?

    Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) are University qualified, allied health professionals. They specialise is evidence-based, personalised exercise programs with the overall goal of preventing or managing chronic illness or injury and assisting in achieving your optimal functional capacity, health and wellness. They create programs that are practical and personalised with a home-based component that has a strong focus on successfully changing behaviours for a healthier lifestyle and healthier you.

    An AEP can help by providing motivation and by designing a program of exercise or physical activity, with your input, that is both appropriate and effective, without being scary or impossible to achieve or maintain. The program will take into account your capacity to exercise and any health issues you may have.

    So, they don’t just work with healthy people who want to improve their health and fitness. An AEP can also help you to better manage such health issues as heart, metabolic or neurological disease, musculoskeletal injury and pain, cancer and cancer treatment, kidney and lung disease and mental health, and any other conditions where there is evidence that exercise can help to improve the person’s outcome.

  • Personalised
    Service Assured

    Every new client has an initial assessment where their health history and current issues and goals are discussed along with their previous and current physical activity experiences. From there, and this continuing discussion, a plan is designed to help meet the client’s goals in a safe and enjoyable way.

    This may mean a period of one-on-one visits with their Exercise Physiologist or it may mean participating in a group class that meets their needs or a combination of both. We offer both options.

    But be assured, whatever the case, you will be treated as an individual and your exercise experience will be tailored to your individual needs, capacity and interests – nothing else is sustainable and our goal is always to help you make a permanent, positive lifestyle change.

  • Experience Counts
    but so does Passion

    Marlene has about a decade of working in exercise and rehabilitation having begun at a personal level where she was amazed at the results and then moving into the Statewide football scene (and some weekends working with visiting AFL Teams) as a Sports Trainer and Medical Team member whilst studying to become an Exercise Scientist and then an Accredited Exercise Physiologist.

    We have an overwhelming passion for wellness whether it be an athlete recovering from an injury or looking for a better balance of training or whether it be a person struggling to lose weight or an older person wanting to maintain their independence and functional capacity. Our goal is always to help you be the best possible version of yourself so that you can live a happier and healthier life. We will be there, on your team, listening to you and supporting and motivating you the whole way. Experience gives us the tools to help you make a change and passion gives us the energy and enthusiasm to help get you there.